Sunday, May 14, 2017

NeoStrata's Hydrating & Plumping Sheet Mask ~ Review

I never quite got the hype around sheet masks until a little box from NeoStrata showed up at my door. I've tried many sheet masks and found them to be uncomfortable, awkward and the end results never really 'wowed' me. Being a beauty lover and blogger, I have held out hope for the one that would change my mind. It looks like NeoStrata's Hydrating & Plumping Sheet Masks did!

Formulated with 0.15% hyaluronic acid and a blend of botanicals, NeoStrata's Hydrating & Plumping Sheet Masks rehydrate the skin and replenish it's moisture barrier.

These masks feel thicker and fit better than most sheet masks I've tried. There's enough space around the eyes, nose and mouth to allow me to see and breathe comfortably. When applied I experienced a calming and cooling sensation which was very pleasant!
After leaving the Hydrating & Plumping Sheet Mask on for 15 minutes, I removed it and rubbed the side that wasn't in contact with my face on my neck and decollete (why waste that precious serum when you can treat these often neglected areas too!)

The first thing I noticed was that the wrinkles that are forming on my forehead were far less noticeable. My face looked plump, radiant and my skin looked even. There wasn't much residual serum left on my skin, but I massaged my face gently anyways. My skin felt smooth and hydrated, not sticky at all.

I typically use hydrating masks before bedtime, but this is a mask I'd use in the daytime before going out. The hydrating and plumping effect makes my skin look great and I want to show it off!

I'm incredibly impressed with NeoStrata's Hydrating & Plumping Sheet Masks and will be purchasing them again and again. If you're not a fan of sheet masks, I recommend you give these a try, they may just change your mind (they certainly changed mine!)

NeoStrata's Hydrating & Plumping Sheet Masks are sold individually for $8.50 and are available across Canada in most major drugstores. To find a store near you, click here to visit NeoStrata's store locator.

Are you a fan of sheet masks? Do you have a favourite mask? Let's talk in the comment section below 👇

*PR samples were provided for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions are my own!

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