Monday, October 26, 2015

Herbal Essences Naked Volume Line | Review

As someone who has super fine,  thin hair I'm always on the lookout for products to give me the volume I crave.  Recently I was invited to try Herbal Essences Naked Volume line.  Not only does it claim to give you voluptuous hair, but do so without parabans,  silicones and colorants.  I tested the whole line,  shampoo,  conditioner and volume soufflĂ© (a mousse).

First up,  the shampoo.  Like all Herbal Essences products,  it smells fantastic.  It has a wonderful mint scent to it that I just love.  It really awakens the senses and helps uplift my mood.  It lathers well and leaves my hair feeling clean.  It is similar to a clarifying shampoo,  which is good, but I feel like this isn't a shampoo I would like to use daily (yes I wash my hair daily,  it's short and looks blah otherwise).

Next up,  the conditioner.  Yes it smells heavenly but I feel like it doesn't condition enough.  I use nearly twice as much as I normally would. It doesn't weigh my hair down much though so I give it points for that.

Finally,  the volumizing soufflĂ©.  Honestly,  I don't like it.  It smells great but really lacks in every other way.  I didn't get any lift from it whatsoever, if anything it weighed my hair down.  It also did nothing to create or hold my style.  Literally nothing.  I will not be purchasing this in the future.

All in all,  the shampoo and conditioner are decent.  I would consider buying them in the future however they wouldn't be my first choice.

*I received these products free for testing purposes.  As always,  my review is genuine.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Argan Oil, A Must Have! | UNi 100% Pure Argan Oil | Review

Argan Oil has become one of my must have beauty products. It is so versatile. I use it for my skin, hair and nails. I use it on my split ends and throughout my hair to repair damage from hot tools and hair dye. I use it to hydrate my hands and to prep my cuticles prior to and after manicures. I mix it with my body lotion and recently I've started adding it to my facial routine (more on that later)!

I recently started using a new brand of Argan Oil, UNi's 100% Pure Argan Oil. It is 100% pure triple extra virgin Argan Oil that is USDA certified organic, fragrance free, cold pressed and unroasted. It is sourced from Morroco and packaged in the US.  You can read more about it here.

So what sets this oil apart? For starters its fragrance free. It has a very mild, nutty scent which is natural. No added perfume. It is also lightweight and absorbs into skin quickly unlike many other argan oils which tend to be heavier and oilier. As someone with somewhat sensitive skin and thin hair this lightweight formula is a must have!

So now let me fill you in on a lesser known beauty secret I came across from a fellow blogger. You can add it to your facial foundation! Yes you read that right, you can mix it into your foundation! Not only does it help to hydrate your skin it can help reduce the dreaded 'cake face' appearance of medium-full coverage foundation. Part of the whole 'cake face' look comes from applying too much foundation and not blending however having dry skin can lead to it as well. Dry patches will make foundation stick and look uneven and cakey. A good moisturizer and a few drops of Argan Oil in your foundation will really help, plus the finish is absolutely gorgeous! It doesn't alter the longevity of your makeup and it won't change your finish much either. I have combo skin and doing this has caused no excess oil or breakouts, so don't be scared to try!

If you haven't tried Argan Oil you are missing out! I truly believe that everyone should have a bottle because it's that good. If you're looking for affordable, high quality and lightweight Argan Oil you should try UNi. Visit there website here to learn more and purchase it.

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review

Friday, October 16, 2015

180 Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Review

I have recently discovered a new serum!  For the past few weeks I have been using 180 Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid Serum and am quite impressed with it.  It is non-greasy,  non-sticky and works well with my sensitive, combo skin.  It is formulated without formalin, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, petro-chemicals, GMO, triclosan, fragrance and is cruely free!

Read the claims!

"High-end technology brings you the anti-aging solution that regenerates your skin cells and provides the moisture your skin needs to look and feel young and smooth.

The highest quality of Swiss Hyaluronic acid serum, complemented by natural ingredients and enriched with vitamin C,  brings the elasticity back to your skin, making it look and feel youthful and smooth. Watch this revolutionary serum reverse the signs of agings while protecting your skin from free radicals. 

Why Hyaluronic acid? As we age, our body produces less and less of this important acid, thus affecting how moisture is stored in our skin. With Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum, your skin gets the nourishing ingredients it needs to stay radiant and beautiful. In only moments, Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum penetrates deep into the skin, nourishing it from the core."

Amazon Product Link

So how does it stack up?  Read on to hear about my experience!

I really like the way it feels on my face.  It is not heavy or greasy like a lot of serums and it is a nice base for facial creams.  I use it in the morning after cleansing before I apply my day cream and at night prior to my night cream.  It is easy to use and a little goes a long way.  The packaging suggests using several drops however 2 is sufficient for my entire face and neck.  It absorbs fairly quickly however as it's drying I do find it to be a bit tacky.  That quickly goes away leaving a smooth finish.  I find my creams absorb better and my makeup applies smoother.

The only complaint I have about this product is that the bottle is fairly small.  I would like to see it increase in size because otherwise I would need to purchase it monthly which is a bit of a hassle.

Other than that I am pleased with this product and recommend it to anyone who wants to add a non-greasy,  cruelty free serum to their skincare regimen!

*I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.  My review is genuine and not influenced by compensation

Thursday, October 8, 2015

LaNEIGE Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser | Review

Korean skincare products have made their way to North America and for good reason, they're great!

I was recently chosen by Influenster to review a product from the LaNEIGE line that Sephora Canada picked up and I couldn't have been happier!

I was given the Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser and I have been using it for the last few weeks and am ready to share my opinion!  But first let me tell you a bit about it. Here's a blurb from Sephora's website.

"Infused with skin-perfecting sparkling water to minimize clogged pores, this ultra-light, whipped foaming cleanser virtually sweeps impurities away. Five multi-fruit AHA’s instantly exfoliate, brighten, detoxify, and purify. The ultimate cleansing experience for truly radiant skin"

So let me start off by telling you how different this cleansers texture is.  It is whipped,  very much like shaving foam.  It is contained in an aerosol container and a slight compression on the nozel yields enough foam to wash my entire face.

Another thing that's different about this cleanser is that you apply it to a dry face.  That is something I'm not used to and believe me it makes a huge difference.  The first time I used it I applied it to my face while it was damp and it didn't work very well.  I went back to read the box and read the instructions.  Probably should've done that first..

Once I realized my mistake and corrected it I was quite impressed with the way it left my skin feeling clean and hydrated.  There was no dryness or tightness at all and my face looked radiant.  However,  later that evening when I went to test its makeup removing properties I was less than impressed.  It did nothing for my eye makeup.  I had smudges and black everywhere,  it didn't remove my liner or mascara.  Neither of the two were waterproof either.  In regards to my face makeup it did a fairly decent job of removing it. Needless to say I now remove my makeup first.

All in all this cleanser is good and it has me wanting to try the other products in this line.  If you're looking for a different cleanser for the fall I suggest you give this one a try!

For more info and reviews visit Sephora and

*This product was sent to me for free for my consideration however my review is genuine

Urban Decay Naked | Giveaway

A fellow beauty blogger is hosting an uh-mazing giveaway and I would love to share it with you all! Thou Shalt Not Covet has teamed up with Urban Decay to give away not only one but ALL of the Naked Palettes to one lucky winner.  Follow this link to check out her blog and enter this fantastic giveaway!