Thursday, January 26, 2017

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation ~ Review + Swatches

I was recently given the opportunity to test out Oxygenetix's Oxygenating Foundation and I'm excited to share my thoughts on this very innovative product!

Here's a description as found on Oxygenetix's website:

Unlike other foundations, Oxygenetix can be applied to skin immediately following C02 laser resurfacing, micro-needling, chemical peels, injectables, IPL, laser hair removal, facelift, rhinoplasty and more to conceal any redness, scarring or bruising to the skin. It can also be applied over rosacea, wounded/injured skin, acne, cracked/dry skin and various other skin conditions. You can even wear it while working out because it allows your skin to breathe!

Some other features and benefits (as found on Oxyenetix's website) include:

Oxygentix Oxygenating Foundation is available in 14 shades and in two undertone categories; blue and yellow. Don't be put off by the name; it won't oxidize into an orange mess on your face (that's what came to my mind when I first heard the name). Just throwing that out there..

I chose the shade Opal which is the lightest shade available with yellow undertones.

The formula has the perfect consistency; it's thick enough to provide coverage but thin enough that it's easy to spread. I applied it with my fingers, foundation brush, oval brush as well as with a real techniques sponge. Each method provides a different level of coverage and finish.

Swatch blended out
My favourite application tool for this foundation is my oval brush. It applies evenly, with fuller coverage and gives an airbrushed finish.

When applied with a damp beauty sponge, you get medium coverage with an even finish. If you want fuller coverage, you will need to apply a second layer.

I found that the use of a regular foundation brush yielded uneven results and when applied with my fingers the coverage was very light, similar to a BB cream.

It's important to note that this foundation doesn't dry quickly, which allows for a second layer if needed. The finish is somewhere between satin and demi-matte and not at all flat. It does dry a bit tacky, so I like to set it with a translucent setting powder (which also helps it to wear longer.)

When worn with primer, powder and setting spray I got around 6 hours of wear before it started to separate in my t-zone. Without primer or powder, I got about 4-5 hours out of it. Oxygenetix Oxygenating foundation feels very comfortable on the skin and looks beautiful. I will be posting some selfies with me wearing it on my Instagram very soon so make sure to follow me on there to see it in action!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sole Patches ~ Review

When it comes to fashion, I'm known to sport vintage inspired clothing and sky-high heels. Unfortunately, my choice of shoes are highly impractical and often uncomfortable. I've been known to carry flats in my purse to change into after events because my feet end up hurting so badly. Stubborn as I am, I refuse to give them up!

I was recently sent a sample of Sole Patches to review and believe me, I put them to the test! Before I get into my thoughts, I think a brief description is in order.

Sole Patches are essentially a sticker that you can apply directly to the balls of your feet or inside your shoes for a more permanent pain reducing solution. They're flower shaped and made of PORON which is an anti-moisture/antimicrobial/antiodour cushion material that will help to absorb the shock and subsequent pain of walking in high heels.

I decided to add Sole Patches to the inside of my shoes opposed to my feet. Unlike most inserts, these are aesthetically pleasing and they don't take up the whole shoe. The patches aren't overly thick so they won't change the way your shoes fit, unless your shoes are too tight to begin with.

I definitely noticed the cushion effect and found them to make my shoes slightly more comfortable. I'm not going to say that they transformed my killer heels into the coziest shoes I've ever worn, but they made them more bearable, which is all I can really ask for.

Did I mention that they're only $9.95 for a pack of 6?!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Most Expensive Face Cream I've Ever Used! Fresh's Creme Ancienne ~ Review

As someone with combination skin that leans towards oily most of the time, it came as a surprise when my skin started to dry out.  Blame it on winter or just another skin phase, I needed to revamp my skincare routine in order to address these changes.

I decided to open up my jar of Fresh's Creme Ancienne that I was so kindly gifted. The following is a description of the cream as found on Sephora's website

The history behind Creme Ancienne is quite interesting so I thought I'd share another excerpt about it as found on the Sephora website

This cream retails for $170 (1oz) or $350 (3.5oz) making it the most expensive cream I've ever used. But the question is; is it worth the cost?

As you can see in the photos the cream has ripples of what I gather to be wax or oil and it's very fluid. The cream on the other hand is quite thick. It feels very rich and it looks luxe in appearance.

Due to the thickness and density of the cream, the use of a spatula is necessary. Unfortunately, Fresh doesn't include one. When I tried to apply it straight from the jar, I found it very difficult to spread. I've since discovered that it's best to allow it to warm up in my hands a bit before application.

When applied it feels heavy, and I mean heavy. Not only does it feel heavy but it looks very oily. Sadly, that feeling does not disappear. I've used creams that apply similarly but eventually they absorb into my skin. Fresh's Creme Ancienne does not, at least not in a reasonable time frame. After 3 or 4 hours it becomes less greasy, but I don't feel hydrated. I feel oily. Like I smeared coconut oil on my face.

Aside from looking like I've been working the deep fryer at a fast food restaurant, my face still feels dry. Really dry. Likely because the cream is sitting on my skin opposed to sinking in and nourishing it.

See that shine? That's what my face looks like after applying this cream

The icing on the cake? I've been breaking out like crazy since using this cream. I'm no stranger to breakouts, but this is bad. Prior to using this cream I'd typically get a small pimple or two during my cycle. After using Fresh's Creme Ancienne for just 3 weeks, I've had more blocked pores, pimples and cystic pimples than I've had in months.

Verdict? Not worth the money. I'm not sure what skin type would benefit from this cream, but it's certainly not mine. I will be finishing this off as a hand cream because I really like the jar and want to keep it on my vanity.

Have you tried Fresh's Creme Ancienne? Did it work for you? What's the most you've ever spent on a facial cream? I'd love to hear your thoughts below 👇