Monday, May 29, 2017

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Brow Gel ~ Review

Brows; you either have them or you don't. If you fall under the latter like I do, luckily there are plenty of options to remedy it. I wasn't born with the most bountiful brows and thanks to excessive waxing/tweezing in my youth, I have even less to work with. I've recently transitioned away from the overdrawn instagram brow into more natural ones. I've tried everything from powder to pomade and I've found that the easiest and most natural brows are created using brow gel or brow mascara.

After using benefits gimmie brow for a few years I decided to branch out and try something new. I decided to pick up MAKE UP FOR EVER's Brow Gel during Sephora's spring vib sale and I'm so glad I did!

I chose the shade 25 dark blonde for two reasons; I recently dyed the ends of my hair golden blonde and although I'm a natural brunette, I find a lot of brow products that are marketed for brunettes to be too dark. Add in the fact that I have naturally frosted tips (i.e. brown/blonde brow hairs) lighter brow products are closer to my natural brows so they suit me best.

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Brow Gel (6ml, $25) is available in 5 shades, one of which is transparent. The Brow Gel helps to fill in, groom and strengthen brow hair. It also comes in a squeezable tube which I really like.

First of all I have to say that the shade I chose (25) is absolutely perfect! It's a dark, neutral blonde (read not too warm nor too cool) and it is suitable for blondes and brunettes alike. What you see is what you get shade wise; it doesn't darken upon application.

There are two different sides to the brush (angled and flat) to fill in and shape. If I'm being honest here, I have to admit that the brush is too big. Unless you have naturally large, lush brows, the brush may prove to be a challenge. The one positive about the brush being larger is that the gel doesn't clump up nor does it deposit heavy amounts of product at once like the smaller brushes tend to do.

I liberally apply MAKE UP FOR EVER's Brow Gel and use a Q-Tip to clean up around the edges. It only takes a few seconds and I don't see it as an inconvenience. Honestly, I do this with all brow gels/mascaras anyways.

As far as wear goes, MAKE UP FOR EVER's Brow Gel holds my brows in place for the whole day without feeling crunchy, fading, smudging or flaking. Honestly, I can live with the oversized brush because the product itself is so good👌 (although I would like to see the brush downsized a bit).

Have you tried MAKE UP FOR EVER's Brow Gel? What's your ride or dye brow product? Let's talk in the comment section below 👇


  1. I definitely have to try this. My brows need some TLC and help. My daughter is an aspiring MUA and my lack of attention to my brows drives her crazy. I really like that it strengthens the brows in addition to sounding like an overall great choice, especially if you are inexperienced in the brow game like me. Thank you for the great information!

  2. Very informative. I was searching for something for my brows n got this article at the right time.