Wednesday, March 29, 2017

BeatQueen Cosmetics ~ Queen Matte Lips and Vinyl Liquid Lipstick ~ Review + Swatches

BeatQueen Cosmetics is an up and coming cosmetics company that sells quality, paraben-free and cruelty-free makeup at a very affordable price (their lippies are only $12 each!)

"BeatQueen Cosmetics was born to bridge two things that we love with something that we feel very strongly about.
The Beat describes our love for both Makeup and Music.  We all love a good beat, whether is be in the form of a musical tune or a face beat.  We love to see people express themselves with makeup, and find it to be a fun hobby (or job) for all, especially when music is involved!
The Queen speaks to representing and empowering women to think of themselves as royalty.  We believe that all women are beautiful Queens, and we want to do our part to ensure that it is known to the world!" /source/

BeatQueen currently has two lipstick lines available and according to their website, they plan to add more items to their collection. Today I'm going to be reviewing one item from each line; Queen Matte Lipstick and Vinyl Liquid Lipstick.
The Queen Matte line currently has 8 shades available ranging from neutral to bright and bold. I have the shade Vino Noir and it is as delicious as it's name (who doesn't love a good red?)
Vino Noir is a deep cranberry shade that is cool toned and has a matte finish. Not only is it a beautiful shade, but the blue undertone will give the illusion of whiter teeth; perfect for all of us wine drinkers ;)

For a matte it's quite comfortable to wear and I got just over 4 hours of wear before I needed to touch it up. It isn't smudge or transfer proof but it holds it's own fairly well when drinking (not as much when eating). When left to fade, it does so gracefully and leaves a beautiful cranberry stain on my lips.

BeatQueen Cosmetics also has a liquid lipstick line, aptly named Vinyl Liquid Lipstick. This line offers 4 shades and the lipstick itself can be used as a gloss or lipstick. It doesn't dry down and it has a shiny finish. I have the shade Safe Bet and I couldn't think of a better name in relation to the colour. It's a rosy, nude brown that is universally flattering. The shade is stunning and it works with so many looks (hence the name). I found this formula very comfortable but I had some issues with the wear. It bled out a lot, more so when I wasn't wearing foundation. I tried to compensate by using a lip pencil and it helped..a bit. I feel like it needs a barrier, one of those clear lip liner thingies that I've seen and have been meaning to buy. I will continue to tinker with it to see if I can find a way to avoid it from bleeding. Perhaps one of my lovely readers has a tip?

To learn more about BeatQueen Cosmetics or to purchase their products, visit them online at they currently have a 20% off promo code available on their site although I'm not sure when it expires. You can also find them over on Instagram @beatqueencosmetics 
Have you tried any products from BeatQueen? Any tips on preventing lipstick from feathering/bleeding out? I'd love to hear your thoughts and tips below!

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