Wednesday, March 1, 2017

MAKE UP FOREVER Artist Acrylip ~ Review + Swatches

Meet the muse. Acrylic paints were created in the 1930's and were made commercially available in the 1950's. Artist grade acrylic paint is highly pigmented which allows for medium manipulation. Available in a wide range of colours, acrylic paint can be used to subtly tint objects or transform them into something bold and vibrant.

Acrylic paint is the inspiration behind MAKE UP FOR EVER's Artist Acrylip.  Much like acrylic paint, Artist Acrylip can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them for a sheer wash of colour or build them up to full opacity. This highly pigmented formula covers lips with intense colour and has a thin, non-sticky texture.

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Artist Acrylip liquid lipstick is housed in a squeezable tube with a slanted cushion applicator for easy, mess-free application. The lipstick itself is the perfect consistency; neither to runny nor too thick and is easily buildable with a soft-shine finish.

For a sheer wash of colour (tint) you need only to apply slight pressure on the tube. If you've used the lipstick recently, you don't even need to squeeze it, just run it across your lips.

If you're looking for fuller, opaque coverage you simply layer it on until you've reached your desired finish. Unlike many other liquid lipsticks, you can apply layer after layer without any streaking, pilling or patchiness.

There are currently 10 shades of Artist Acrylip available ranging from pale pink to deep eggplant. I have the shades 200 Candy Pink, 301 Poppy Orange and 400 Iconic Red. I found that they are slightly lighter in real life than how they appear on/in the package.

301 Poppy Orange pulls coral on me, which isn't that surprising considering it's called poppy orange. 400 Iconic Red wears more like a deep pink than a red.

Swatches In Direct Sunlight

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Artist Acrylip has an amazing texture. It isn't sticky, tacky or heavy. In fact, it feels so light I barely notice it's there. Until I look in the mirror!

Swatches With Natural Lighting

As far as longevity, I find that MAKE UP FOR EVER's Artist Acrylip wears for longer than a bullet lipstick but shorter than a matte liquid lipstick. Depending on what you eat or drink, it will last between 2 to 4 hours before you need to reapply it. It fades gracefully and leaves a nice stain on the lips. If you want to prolong the wear time a bit, you can apply it over a lip pencil. I recommend pairing Artist Acrylip with MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua Lips pencil. You can find similar shade matches or go for an ombre look by using a darker (or lighter) pencil.

Although Artist Acrylip lipstick feels very comfortable on, I found it dried out my lips a bit. Not a lot to be honest, but worth noting. I like to apply lip balm prior to applying Artist Acrylip and again after I remove it to balance out the dryness.

You can find MAKE UP FOR EVER's Artist Acrylip both in-store and online at Sephora for $29 each 💋

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  1. Love the swatches! Putting these on my must try list ~ XO

    1. Thanks Michelle! Now that I have my phone back I plan on doing some lip swatches and looks as well. I'll tag you in my posts xo

  2. Great review Hope you have a Wonderful March Christine xo

    1. So glad you enjoyed my review Christine :) Hope you have a wonderful March too xo