Sunday, April 9, 2017

Have You Heard Of Teeez Cosmetics?

Teeez Cosmetics doesn't do boring. From fun packaging to funky, neo-chic shade choices; Teeez is a brand that sets themselves apart from the competition in both aesthetics and quality.

I stumbled across Teeez Cosmetics a few years ago when I received their Read My Lips lipstick (Roulette Red) in a beauty subscription box. The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. The sleek white tube with the pastel-hued skull was so different from anything I had ever seen before and it spoke to the teenage punk rocker in me. The quality of the lipstick sealed the deal ~ I was in love with the brand!

Last year I attended the official opening of the Teeez Cosmetics at the Hudson's Bay where I was one of the first to experience their new (and very high-tech) cosmetics counter (read all about it here). If you're located in Canada and haven't experienced the Teeez counter yet, I highly recommend you visit the Hudson's Bay to check it out. You won't regret it!

Today I'm sharing three products from Teeez that I absolutely love. They're a great introduction to the brand and I know you will love them as much as I do! All three products are from the Fashion Vendetta collection which was inspired by catwalk beauty trends. This collection is cruelty-free and vegan (with the exception of the Bulletproof Flexibility Mascara).

Eye shadow has always been a weakness of mine, so naturally I dove right into Teeez Cosmetics To Die For Eyeshadow Quad ($48) first. Each quad contains 4 complimentary, high-pigment eyeshadows that are water-resistant and long-wearing. These skin-smoothing eye shadows can be used dry or wet and are available in 6 shade combinations from neutral to bold. I own two of these beautiful palettes (both neutral) and I'm sharing my favourite one with you today.

Cinnamon Revolution is a neutral quad that contains 4 very easy to wear shades. It contains a matte, nude shade (upper right), a shimmery, nude shade (upper left), a matte, cool toned, brown shade (lower left) and a matte, warmer toned chocolate shade (lower right).

One quick swipe done by finger,with no primer and photographed in natural lighting

The neutral matte shade is perfect as a base and great for those no makeup-makeup looks. The shimmery nude shade has a gorgeous rose-gold hue to it and it looks so pretty worn all over the lids. It also makes for a great inner corner and brow bone highlight. The two brown shades are perfect for adding definition to the crease. I use the deeper shade (bottom right) dry to create a subtle, daytime smokey eye and wet when I want to intensify it for the evening. Teeez's To Die For eyeshadows are easily blendable and when worn with primer, last the whole day. I can attest to their water resistance after trying to wash off these swatches (they did not want to come off ). The two lighter shades are very similar to my skin tone so they didn't swatch well. They show up much better on my eyes (with primer) than they do on my arm.

Whether you prefer a subtle radiance or a glow that can be seen from space; I think we can all agree that highlighters are a makeup essential. Teeez cosmetics Style Addict highlighter ($32) is a radiance boosting cream that can be worn as a hydrating primer or applied to the high points of your face as a highlighter. Style Addict is available in 4 shades that are sure to tickle your fancy!

Body Heat is the most gorgeous pink toned colour and it's absolutely perfect for spring! When blended, it sheers out to give a very subtle radiance. It can be layered for a more intense look (my favourite).

It's important to note that this highlighter is not a glitter bomb. Don't get me wrong; I love me some glitter, but sometimes you just want some shine without the sparkle. Style Addict also plays nice with my foundation. I find a lot of cream highlights/contours cause my foundation to move or separate; I'm happy to say that this stayed where I put it. I tested it on top of Estee Lauder's DW and Too Faced's Born This Way and it looked beautiful. I also applied it (while half asleep and under caffeinated) after I had set my face with powder and it didn't look bad at all. Not great, but not bad.

Last but certainly not least, is Teeez's Material Girl Lipstick ($29). These lipstick bullets are absolutely amazing! There are 10 shades available and although they aren't overly long-wearing, they are incredibly comfortable. I'm taking a break from the oh-so-drying matte liquid lipsticks and it feels good. Besides, when a brand has packaging this amazing, I don't mind having to reapply it. It just means I get to admire it more 😉

I own a few of Teeez's Material Girl Lipsticks, but today I want to share with you my top pick for Spring (and Summer). Nude Varnish is such a fun shade plus I really dig the name. It's not your standard nude at all; it's a peachy/orange shade and it's fabulous.

As far as wear goes, it lasts for about 3 hours before needing a touch-up. It isn't transfer or kiss proof, so you will need to reapply it after any eating, drinking or kissing. Material Girl Lipsticks are incredibly hydrating and they have a beautiful shine finish.

You can find Teeez Cosmetics exclusively at the Hudson's Bay, both in-store and online at If you're not located in Canada, you can order directly from Teeez at

Have you tried Teeez Cosmetics? If not, What would you try first? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

*PR samples were sent to me for editorial consideration but all opinions are my own!


  1. Love the LIP on you
    ps you have the cutest teeth
    so brigitte bardot

    1. Aww you're too sweet ❤ I used to be pretty self conscious about them, but now I embrace them as being uniquely me 😊

      Big hugs xo

  2. I love that lip colour on you!!! I have not tried Tweez, but I would love to try their highlighter as well as one of their lipsticks!!!

    1. Thanks Liz! You should definitely check out their highlighters and lipsticks. Both are gorgeous and perfect for Spring! xo

  3. I love their Material Girl Lipsticks. Such pretty colours and it feels lovely. I'm hoping to pick up another shade before the summer is out.

    1. They're really good! What shade are you interested in getting? I'm thinking of getting Pink Thrill next 😉

  4. I am in Canada and have not seen this Teeez Counter you are talking about but for sure will look next time I am near the bay. Really like the packaging with you on that it is so hip and almost refreshing!! I am curious about the Body Heat and what it is? Love love the Nude Varnish Material Girl Lipstick. Looks so awesome on too! Thank you and best of luck too everyone who enters ��

  5. Yes I have 2 beautiful lipsticks 💗😊💟