Friday, September 30, 2016

#TeeezBeauty | A Dave Lackie Event Recap

Last Wednesday night I was honoured to attend the official launch of the Teeez Cosmetics counter at the Hudson's Bay flagship store on Queen St W in downtown Toronto. The new counter hosts all kinds of interactive beauty fun, but before I get into that, I'd like to introduce you to the brand.

Teeez Cosmetics is a fashion forward, edgy brand from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Rooted in fashion, their collections are anything but boring. Their packaging boasts brightly coloured skull motifs and has an eccentric flair that you can't help but love. The products themselves are high quality, pigmented and long wearing. Often compared to M.A.C, this is a brand that you don't want to sleep on!

The creativity doesn't stop with the products either. Meet the new Teeez counter!

It looks like a regular counter right? Wrong! This high tech, interactive space is like nothing you've seen before.  Boasting the latest technology, not only can you look at and swatch beautiful products, you can scan them to get a step by step tutorial with their new iOS app. The fun doesn't stop there either!

Do you want to try on a new lipstick but cringe at the thought of putting a tester to your lips? Instead of grinning and bearing or holding a swatched finger to your lips, you can now scan your face and digitally try it on. Pretty neat right! The screen scans your face and then allows you to 'try' on products without actually 'trying' them on.

And if that isn't enough, wait til you hear about this! Have you ever gone for a makeover, purchased the products and brought them home only to forget how to use them? Or maybe you don't remember what shade of eye shadow went in the crease and what went on the lid. Even the most talented of us have trouble recreating our makeovers. Well that's no longer a problem thanks to this handy dandy video recording station aptly named VanityVid.  While getting a makeover you can opt to have it recorded and emailed to you.  It's like having your own personaliazed YouTube tutorial. Amazing!

After our tour of the new counter we were brought upstairs to the Arcadian Lofts for cocktails, gourmet meal, presentation and gift bag.  The signature cocktail was very unique and also super tasty!

Dinner was absolutely scrumptious and dessert was amazing. These meals never disappoint, believe me!

During dessert Dave interviewed our surprise guest of honour Paul van der Wall, Senior Global Makeup Artist for Teeez Cosmetics. Paul is the man behind the collections, hand picking the shades and infusing his love of fashion into it all. He's also a super fun and an incredibly down to earth guy. It was a pleasure meeting him!

Not only did we receive an amazing gift bag but our own handmade bracelet and key chain thanks to the super talented Daniel aka @djdrm1972 of Earth Elements. Each bracelet is unique in its own way and you can really feel the love that got put into making them. Daniel has some stunning pieces and if you're into jewellery (who isn't?) I highly recommend visiting his Facebook page here to see some of his creations.

Myself, GrietaConnie and Jenn (photo cred to @griechux

Thanks again to Dave Lackie, Teeez Cosmetics Canada, Daniel and the Hudson's Bay ❤❤❤

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