Thursday, September 8, 2016

Relive My Experience At #CityLineBeauty

Has it been a week since I last posted? How time flies when you're having fun! Or in my case, busy preparing for back to school...

Anyways, today I'm sharing with you my amazing experience at City Line! Thanks to the fabulous Dave Lackie, I was able to attend a live taping of Fashion Fridays. It also happened to be a Twitter party! I've been a fan of City Line for years and have always wanted to attend a taping. Spoiler alert, it's so much fun!

Upon arrival and check in, we were ushered upstairs to the green room where we had a vast selection of baked goods, fresh fruit and coffee to feast on courtesy of Coty Prestige. I wasn't able to get many photos of the delicious breakfast (too busy posing for photos lol) but I did manage to snap a pic of these mini bagels!  Aren't they adorable?!

Myself, Chantal, Nicci and Cat
A few of us lucky ladies were given a tour of the control/production room. It was so neat to see how the show comes together. I didn't realize just how much work actually goes into live tapings.  It's truly incredible!

Not long after we were brought downstairs to the set. City Line even hired a DJ for us. So fun! Since it was fashion Friday we got to see a live fashion show by the one and only Lynn Spence. Unfortunately, my pictures aren't as clear as they could be because I was seated at the back.

My favourite part of the show? You guessed it! Dave's segments! Everyone's favourite beauty editor brought some of the best new fall makeup and fragrances. There's some really great launches from Dior, Teeez cosmetics, Clarins, Shiseido and M.A.C (to name a few) that you don't want to miss. Not to mention some wonderful, warm fragrances to keep the summer heat alive.

At the end of the show we were invited to have our photos taken with Dave, Tracy and Lynne Spence. I didn't get a photo with Tracy but I did get one with Dave, Lynne and Candy Signorini (City Line's Senior Director).

Last but certainly not least, we received an EPIC gift bag valued at $1400 dollars. It is truly amazing and incredibly generous.

This was a once in a lifetime experience that I won't soon forget. Many thanks go to Dave, City Line and the sponsors <3

Tune in tomorrow at 9 A.M. on City to watch the show and don't forget to follow the party along on Twitter with the hashtag #CityLineBeauty  for a chance to win one of those fabulous gift bags!


  1. You look sooo pretty so glad you had a great time xxoo

  2. Every time I see that swag bag, I melt a bit haha. Great picture at the end!! Was fun to re-live the day for a bit through your post :)

    1. Hahaha I'm still going through that bag and trying stuff out. Beauty heaven 😍