Sunday, September 25, 2016

September's Topbox | Review

Septembers topbox
I just realized that I forgot to post about last months box..oops! I'm not going to go over it, because well, it's old news. But if you're curious about what I received last month, you can view my post on instagram here. Moving forward, let's talk about this months box and the delay in shipping that saw it arrive on the 20th instead of the 15th. Apparently one of the items I was receiving in my box was delayed. It happens. What confused me a bit was that I saw other subscribers posting on IG the exact same box that I was to received but on the 15th. Odd...

Anyways, they threw in a Unilever box for free which was nice and if I'm being honest, made up for the fact that this months box sucked. Yup, I said it. It sucks. Out of 5 items there was only one that I like, and sadly it's a sample that I could get for free from Sephora. If you guessed it's the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD, you're correct.

Bonus Unilever box
So this is what I received this month!
  • MUFE Ultra HD foundation in the shade 127=Y335 5ml
  • Boo Bamboo shampoo 15ml
  • Boo Bamboo conditioner 15ml
  • BVspa by Bon Vital body lotion 30ml
  • Delectable everything balm 7ml
As I mentioned earlier, I like the foundation. This shade is a perfect match for me and I will never complain about getting makeup in my topbox, especially if it's from MUFE! The shampoo and conditioner are OK, but I'm sick of getting teeny little bottles of it. I have thin, medium length hair and i'll be lucky if I can get a second use out of these bottles. The body lotion is just meh. It's not horrible but it's not good either. It smells cheap and performs like any other lotion out there. I will use up the sample but i'm not going to purchase it. Lastly, the everything balm by delectable.

First of all, what the hell is an everything balm? It says you can use it from tips to toes and after opening it and discovering that it looks and feels like runny Vaseline, I decided to put it on my lips. OMG no. This stuff tastes horrible. It tastes like 10 year old lipstick. Gross. It doesn't smell much better either. Needless to say that I wont be purchasing this anytime soon.

So there you have it. This months box was a fail for me and i'm hoping that next month will be better. Do any of you subscribe to topbox? Would you like to? Feel free to use my referral link here!


  1. Great @TopBox Review I also loved mine Happy Monday Christine xxoo

  2. I love my September @TopBox Also. Glad to see you also received Unilever box it was such a nice and generous surprise. Enjoy you week Christine xxoo