Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dave Lackie and Shiseido's #ShareBeauty Event

This past Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend one of Dave Lackies coveted VIP follower dinners.  This event was hosted by Elaine Shigeishi,  general manager of Shiseido Canada in honour of their new #ShareBeauty campaign.  We were the very the first in the world to learn about this new campaign and honestly I was blown away.  But before I get into it let me walk you through my experience!
The event was held at the stunning Thompson hotel located in downtown Toronto.  I was greeted by Dave Lackie in the lobby and was escorted up to a gorgeous rooftop bar.  The view was amazing!

I was a bit late (downtown traffic - sigh) so I set out to find some familiar (and not so familiar faces). There was an open bar and no shortage of excited conversation.  Elaine Shigeishi was greeting and chatting with us all.  She is such an amazing woman - down to earth,  friendly and genuinely sweet. After the guests arrived we took the elevator down to the screening room where the magic happened!

Walking into the screening room I was amazed at how beautiful the room looked.  It was a small theatre and at each seat was a placemat,  mini box of popcorn (too cute!) and a small flower arrangement.

After saving my seat I set out to explore the two stations at the front of the room. One was skincare and the other makeup.

At the makeup station we received a one-on-one consultation and foundation match.
I've been in the market for a new foundation so I was over the moon when I was told we would all be receiving one. Amazing!  At the skincare table we were introduced to some new products from the IBUKI line - a beauty sleeping mask and quick fix mist.  I've become a little obsessed with sleeping masks lately so this was beyond exciting!  I'm new to the world of facial sprays so this was a wonderful chance to learn more.  There was also a self serve wine table (hello!) and cans of pop for us to drink.  Dave and Shiseido sure know how to throw an event ;)

We were then invited to help ourselves to a picnic (buffet) style dinner.  The food was amazing and unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the amazing spread. After filling my plate I went to my seat and patiently awaited the presentation.

Elaine asked us a simple question - what does beauty mean to you?  We responded with words like confidence, strength and individuality.  Not a single person mentioned a physical trait.  This was a beautiful segway to the campaign.  Beauty isn't only about makeup or fashion.  It's a feeling,  it's memories and it's about paying it forward. I remember getting ready with my mom as a kid.  I couldn't tell you what we did to our hair or what we were wearing but I can tell you that I felt loved, important and above all special!  I remember bonding.  This is what share beauty is all about!

We watched clips of real people telling their stories.  Let me tell you tears were shed!  There was a wonderful story of how an aunt stepped in to take care of her niece when her sister passed away.  To our surprise,  they were both there with us as special guests!

After the presentation we were given an envelope with a post card that simply said 'You Are Beautiful To Me Because..' which we were then encouraged to think of someone special and tell them why they're beautiful to us.  I of course chose my mom and got to writing.  After leaving my message I put the card into the envelope alongside a sample of Shiseido's Ultimune,  wrote her address on the front and sealed the package.  We were then told to place our envelopes in the most adorable mailbox to be delivered courtesy of Shiseido :)

Last but certainly not least we were presented with a parting gift!  We received a beautiful eco-friendly,  reusable bad with an IBUKI Sleeping Mask,  an IBUKI Quick Fix Mist and a bottle of the new Synchro Skin foundation!  We also received another #ShareBeauty envelope to send off to someone special.  I will be posting in depth about these wonderful gifts soon!

I had an amazing time,  with amazing people and I am forever grateful to Dave Lackie,  Elaine Shigeishi and the whole Shiseido team.

Once this campaign launches you can go to the Shiseido counter at Hudsons Bay and send a personalized postcard to a loved one telling them why they're beautiful to you. Shiseido will mail it for you with a sample of Ultimune.  It's completely free, no purchase necessary.  A wonderful way to #ShareBeauty :)


  1. That all sounds lovely. Can't wait for YVR's turn this week!

    1. It truly was an amazing experience! Are you attending the Vancouver #ShareBeauty event?

  2. So happy to read this and hear you had an amazing time!
    It really sounds so lovely! :)

  3. Thanks for reading! Happy Monday:)

  4. Lovely Post Christine! I believe you were my new BFF to my right with the Amazing skin:-) I can't wait to see you again with all the other 29 lucky beauty lovers:) #justagail #JustG

    1. Aww thanks Gail :) Yes that was me! It was lovely meeting you, can't wait to see you again as well. Take care xo