Sunday, January 3, 2016

December's topbox (benefit cosmetics) | Review

Last month (late post I know!) I received the benefit privé box from topbox and I couldn't be happier!  The box included deluxe size samples of gimmie brow in medium deep,  roller lash mascara, they're Real! mascara, they're Real! remover and the NEW they're Real! mink-brown tinted lash primer.  Great set right!?

First up,  gimmie brow.  I received the medium deep shade which I thought would be too dark, however it works as long as I'm light handed.  As I've been trying to grow in my brows (with little success) this was great to receive.  It darkens and adds some volume which I so desperately need.  I'm used to using traditional pencils and powder so this took a few tries to get right.  Although this shade does work I think I would go a shade lighter if I were to purchase the full size.

On to the mascara.  I have always loved they're Real! The lift,  length and separation is amazing.  I've rarely experienced any clumping and even after applying multiple coats there's no flaking.  Is it pricey?  Yes a bit, but it truly is a great mascara.  I found roller lash to be pretty similar however there was a bit more curl to my lashes.  Truthfully you can't go wrong with either one.

Now what I'm sure you've all been waiting to hear about.  The brand-spanking-new they're Real! mink-tinted lash primer!  This stuff rocks!  Seriously tho,  it is awesome.  It can be used alone or under mascara to boost its abilities.  It's tinted mink brown so you can wear it alone for a natural (but better!) look.  You get natural colour,  definition,  length and separation all while having soft, feathery lashes.  The fact that it leaves your lashes soft is a major selling feature for me.  If I decide later on in the day I'd like to wear mascara I can layer it on top and I'm good to go!  I was using Estee Lauders Little Black Primer but after trying the new benefit one I will definitely be switching!

Finally,  they're Real! remover.  Honestly,  I wasn't too impressed.  Does it work?  Yes it does but not any better than the drugstore brands.  I still have to soak my lashes with it,  wipe,  soak again and then wash my face.  I likely won't be buying this anytime soon.

This was my first privé box from topbox and it was a really good one!  I can't stress enough how awesome topbox is.  If you don't have a subscription believe me when I say you're missing out!  Click here to learn more about topbox,  purchase a limited edition box or sign up for the waitlist.  If you would rather not wait,  contact me to skip the waitlist ;)

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