Monday, May 14, 2018

Kerastasé Densifique and Volumifique ~ Review

Those of you who know me personally or have been following my blog for awhile, know that I'm constantly on the hunt for products to boost volume and thicken my hair.  Permanently or temporarily. I was kindly gifted some Kérastase Paris products not too long ago and I have been loving them!

When you go on the Kérastase website you can take a diagnostic quiz to find out which products will suit you and your hair needs best. With my hair concerns, there are two options available; Densifique and Volumifique.

The Densifique Collection
The science behind this new routine’s formula are three key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, gluco-peptide, and ceramides. Hyaluronic acid, an ingredient naturally present in the skin which can retain up to a thousand times its weight in moisture, serves to address the concern of thinning hair fibers. Simultaneously, the gluco-peptide molecules serve to enhance the present quality of the fiber. Finally, the ceramides offer each hair strand a shot of strength to reduce breakage. The hair is left thicker, fuller, more resistant, and suppler.

Bain Densité ($45 CAD)
Reviewing shampoo is tricky because it's so hard to tell exactly what it does. Obviously it cleanses, but what sets it apart? The answer is... I don't know. I never just shampoo my hair, it's always a  package deal. So my review of this shampoo is pretty basic - it cleanses well and prepares my hair for the magic of this routine.

Fondant Densité ($48 CAD)
Moving into the conditioner, I will say that it smells a bit funky. When you're used to sweet, fruity or heavily scented products, it kind of throws you off when something isn't. Smell aside, this conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft, silky and definitely thicker.  There's a noticeable plump feeling and I love it!

Mousse Densimorphose ($48 CAD)
The finishing touch in this line is the Mousse Densimorphose. A little goes a long way and beware that too much will not give you better results (learned that the hard and crunchy way). I like to apply a dollar size amount to my hair when its slightly damp and blow dry with a round brush. I get lots of lift, hold and a noticeable thick feeling to my hair. Obviously it's only there until I wash it again, but I'll take it!

The Volumifique line is really good too! This line is perfect for anyone who wants to add noticeable volume to their hair (aka me). It's similar to the Densifique Collection in steps and process, but the difference lays in the feel of the hair. Where Densifique adds the feeling of thickness, Volumifique only adds visual fullness.  My Volumifique routine consists of Bain Volumifique, Gelée Volumifique and Spray Volumifique.

Bain Volumifique ($45 CAD)
As I mentioned earlier, shampoo reviewing is hard! This one definitely got my hair clean but left it feeling a tad dry. You know that feeling that your hair is super tangled and hard to manage, it sort of felt like that. In other words, it definitely needed conditioner after.

Gelée Volumifique ($48 CAD)
I was initially thrown off by how small this tube is - I honestly thought it was a styling product until I read the packaging! It's a conditioner but in a gel form and it has an odd smell to it. It definitely doesn't have the same feel as a creamy conditioner and I have to admit I wasn't impressed when I rinsed my hair out. My hair felt sort of slick and not at all 'conditioned'. Once dry though my hair looked and felt amazingly soft, shiny, lightweight and full of bounce.

Spray Volumifique ($48 CAD)
Spray Volumifique is a fabulous styling product! It works like a root lifting spray but for all of your hair - genius! I spray it all over and then blow dry my hair upside down, ending with a round brush. Talk about volume! This spray is the bees knees - I can't recommend it enough!

If you've never tried Kerastasé products I highly recommend you visit their website and take their diagnostic quiz - it really takes then guess work out!

*pr samples were generously provided for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions are my own!

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