Thursday, June 8, 2017

Shake Up Your Routine With Rimmel London ~ Review + Swatches

Can mascara be kept fresh by something as simple as a little shake? Rimmel thinks so! Shake It Fresh is a revolutionary new mascara that can be shaken cocktail-shaker-style to keep the formula fresh and clump free. The tube sort of resembles a cocktail shaker and it has some weight to it. When you shake it, you can feel the inner tube move and it's such a satisfying feeling/sound (think metal balls in nail polish).

The wand is fairly standard as is the brush. The texture of the mascara on the other hand is quite different than what I'm used to. The formula is very thin and watery. You can see in the photo above how viscous it is. It applies super wet but dries fairly quickly. I find it gives my lashes quite a bit of length but not very much volume. It doesn't curl my lashes, so I have to pull out the eyelash curler if I want my lashes to have a bit of curl to them. Thankfully, it doesn't clump!

If you're looking for a mascara to darken, separate and lengthen your lashes, you will probably like Rimmel London's Shake It Fresh. It's also really easy to remove with makeup remover too which is a major bonus!

Rimmel London has also released a shake-able brow powder! Meet Brow Shake Filling Powder. Available in 4 shades, Brow Shake Filling Powder is fade-proof, smudge-proof and waterproof. You can also wear it as an eyeliner!

I have the shade 003 Dark Brown and it's a deep, chocolate brown. The powder is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. You definitely want to use a light-hand when you apply it, otherwise it will look too harsh. With my current hair colour (light brown to blonde ombre) I feel like this shade is a touch too dark for me. I think it will be perfect for fall/winter when I darken my hair though!

Last but certainly not least, Rimmel London's Brow This Way Fibre Pencil. I am really picky about brow pencils and I'm surprised that this one performed so well! The pencil is waxy enough to shape and draw hairs, yet creamy enough to blend with a spoolie. 

There are currently 3 shades available and I have the shade 002 medium. It's a mid-range brown and it matches my brown to blonde ombre hair. I like to lightly shape my brows, fill them in and then set with a brow mascara for a very natural look.

Top swatch is Brow This Way Pencil, bottom swatch is Brow Shake Powder

You can find Rimmel London products at most drugstores and mass retailers such as Walmart.

Have you tried Shake It Fresh? What's your go-to brow product? Let's talk in the comment section below 👇

*PR samples sent for editorial consideration. As always, all opinions are my own!


  1. Ooooo I am hunting this mascara next time I am in a makeup department.

  2. I saw this mascara few days ago in my local drugstore but I thought it was just a regular one so I skipped it :( It's a interesting concept & I'll buy it when I use my current stash of mascaras :)