Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sole Patches ~ Review

When it comes to fashion, I'm known to sport vintage inspired clothing and sky-high heels. Unfortunately, my choice of shoes are highly impractical and often uncomfortable. I've been known to carry flats in my purse to change into after events because my feet end up hurting so badly. Stubborn as I am, I refuse to give them up!

I was recently sent a sample of Sole Patches to review and believe me, I put them to the test! Before I get into my thoughts, I think a brief description is in order.

Sole Patches are essentially a sticker that you can apply directly to the balls of your feet or inside your shoes for a more permanent pain reducing solution. They're flower shaped and made of PORON which is an anti-moisture/antimicrobial/antiodour cushion material that will help to absorb the shock and subsequent pain of walking in high heels.

I decided to add Sole Patches to the inside of my shoes opposed to my feet. Unlike most inserts, these are aesthetically pleasing and they don't take up the whole shoe. The patches aren't overly thick so they won't change the way your shoes fit, unless your shoes are too tight to begin with.

I definitely noticed the cushion effect and found them to make my shoes slightly more comfortable. I'm not going to say that they transformed my killer heels into the coziest shoes I've ever worn, but they made them more bearable, which is all I can really ask for.

Did I mention that they're only $9.95 for a pack of 6?!

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