Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Sample Sunday!

It's been a long, hot weekend here and I've
been attempting to organize my beauty products.  While doing so, I stumbled across a ton of samples.  From single use to deluxe I'm up to my ears in samples.  I've decided to work my way through them and have a weekly post dedicated to it.  Fun right?!

So without further ado,  I bring you the first installment of sample Sunday!  This week it's a shampoo and conditioner duo by North American Hemp Co.

I tested the Soak it up moisturizing duo and although the samples were fairly small (15 ml each) I was able to get a few uses out of them.

They're both scented nicely and a little went a long way.  After using the shampoo my hair felt hydrated enough that I could probably skip the conditioner.

The conditioner left my hair that much more hydrated and very manageable.  After drying my hair smelled great,  was shiny and not weighed down at all.

This is a line that I would definitely purchase in the future!

Have you tried any products from North American Hemp Co? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Very nice blog post Christine I hope you have a Wonderful Week xo

    1. Thanks Christine! Hope you had a great weekend xox