Thursday, May 5, 2016

Stayfree Challenge

I was recently invited to take the Stayfree Challenge and I am very excited to share my results with you!  I know periods aren't the most exciting thing to talk about,  but as women we all get them,  used to get them or will get them and it's something we can all relate to.

Remember those commercials where an all too happy woman pours a blue liquid onto a pad to show you just how absorbent they are?  The commercials that always seem to play around dinnertime?  Well I got to do just that and believe me it was actually really fun!  I took a ton of photos of the process and in this case they speak louder than words.

I was provided with a placemat that had two spots to hold the pads,  three Stayfree pads,  two blotting papers,  two acetate sheets and two 5ml bottles of blue dye.  I had to provide a pad from the brand I currently use and a large book.  I decided to be ironic and use my "What To Expect:  The First Year" book ;)

So let's dive right in!  I removed both pads from the wrapper and stuck them to the placemat.  As you can see they are very similar,  almost identical in appearance.  I set my phone timer to 30 seconds as per the instructions and removed the blotting sheets, acetate sheets and opened the blue liquid.

First up,  Stayfree!

I poured the blue liquid onto the pad and waited 30 seconds.  As you can tell the liquid pretty much stayed in the center of the pad.

I placed a blotting sheet over the pad and an acetate sheet on top of it.  Then I put the book on top and pressed down gently for 5 seconds.

Are you ready for the big reveal?!

No transfer at all.  Nothing.  Not a single mark on the paper.  Pretty impressive!

Now moving onto the competitor.  Right off the bat I noticed the blue liquid did not stay in the center of the pad.  In fact it immediately spread and splashed out onto the placemat.  Not a good sign!

30 seconds later I place the blotting sheet, acetate sheet and book on top and pressed down gently for 5 seconds.

Big reveal number 2!

As you can see there was a fair amount of transfer onto the blotting sheet,  which didn't surprise me after seeing what happened immediately after I poured the liquid onto the pad.

Obviously we had a clear winner,  and that winner was Stayfree!  I have been using the competitor (Playtex) for the past year and although I found them to be good,  I feel like Stayfree will be even better!

I received two spare Stayfree pads and I will be testing those out within the next few days (TMI I know).  I am excited to see how well they hold up in real life.

Have you taken the Stayfree Challenge? Have you used or plan on using Stayfree? Let me know in the comment section below!

*I won the opportunity to take part in the Stayfree Challenge through beauty infinitums  blog.  Although I wasn't compensated for this post, my post does enter me into another contest to win a gift card.  The results of the challenge are truthful and do not effect my chance of potentially winning the prize.

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  1. I love Stayfree my favorite brand Happy Weekend Pretty Christine xo