Monday, November 16, 2015

November's Topbox

My monthly topbox arrived today (yay!) and I'd love to show you all what I got!  This month I received the regular topbox which is what I wanted.  For those of you who don't know how topbox works let me explain.

Topbox is a monthly beauty subscription service.  For $12 a month plus tax you receive 4 deluxe samples (sometimes full size products) delivered to your house. There is no shipping charge and in Ontario it comes to $13.56 with tax.  You are billed monthly and the box ships on the 15th.  You can fill out a beauty profile and they try to send samples catered to your needs,  likes and wants so it's a good idea to answer the questions honestly.  At the end of the month they email out a 'wish list' where they will ask you questions (ie is acne a concern for you?) and give you the option to swap the regular topBox for a privé box.  Privé boxes are typically brand specific or themed and you are told what is in them. You can wish for one,  all or none of the privé boxes.  There is no guarantee you will get what you wish for so it's still a surprise!  I typically go for the regular box,  I like to be completely surprised ;)

So this is what I received this month

  • Benefit's Air Patrol 1.5ml
  • Nova Scotia Fishermen Lip Balm 9.9g (full size!)
  • Revlon Proffesional Style Masters Modular Hair Spray 500ml
  • THEFACESHOP Character Mask 
I am very excited to try Benefits Air Patrol!  I really like the idea of an eye primer that not only primes but protects the delicate eye area. It also has an SPF of 20 which is great!

I have been using the lip balm from Nova Scotia Fishermen and I am in love!  My lips feel great and the sea salt and caramel flavour is delightful!

One can never have to much hairspray and I have yet to use this particular Revlon one.  I am looking forward to using it tomorrow. 

Lastly,  the sheet mask from the FACESHOP. To be honest,  I hate sheet masks.  They don't fit well and are such a nuisance.  Call me old fashioned but I prefer the regular tube/tub style masks.  Having said that,  this mask is cute.  I like the character idea and I'm really hoping that the mask itself has a picture on it. I'm not going to lie,  I'm intrigued.  I plan on using it tomorrow and will update you all once I've done so. 

Three out of four hits in this box for me.  Do any of you have a subscription to topbox?  Are you interested in joining?  If you would like to skip the wait list let me know,  I can help you out :)

Click here to visit the topbox website for more information,  to join the waitlist or to purchase any of the limited edition boxes. 

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  1. I'm dying to try something from The Face Shop. Too bad you don't like sheet masks, I love them, perfect for lazy days! 😊