Monday, September 21, 2015

Have you heard? There's a new review site coming, Reviewsio!

Social media is buzzing about a new review site launching this October.  Reviewsio is launching October 1st and is claiming to offer Amazon products up to 100% off in exchange for honest reviews!  I myself am very interested to see what products are available to review.  I can't seem to find a ton of information about this site but it does sound promising.  Reviewsio is currently accepting applications for reviewers so why not sign up and see what all the hype is about.  Here's a link to get you started

Let me know if you signed up and check back soon to read my thoughts and review of Reviewsio.


  1. Me too! Curious to see what they have available to review.

  2. I read that you have to have Amazon Prime which I don't have :(

  3. Yes you do need Amazon Prime to avoid the shipping fees. I believe you can request a trial membership though. Perhaps you could test it out and see if you like it ;)